Why You Need To Have a LinkedIn Profile! And no, it’s not just to get jobs

Why you should have a LinkedIn Profil

26 Apr Why You Need To Have a LinkedIn Profile! And no, it’s not just to get jobs

First Published by Ramya Menon on LinkedIn.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you have a 100% LinkedIn profile? If you have answered no to either of these questions, then you should read on.

Why do you need a LinkedIn Profile? 

I’ve said this in the title, and I’m saying it again. No, not just for jobs! If you are going to meet with a client , where do you think they are going to find information about you? And did you know that more and more companies are using LinkedIn for lead generation? So clearly LinkedIn is not just about finding a job. But if you are looking for a job and are not on LinkedIn, then boy, is it gonna be tough for you! Check out this real life example of what happened to one job seeker:

I was told recently by a recruiter that not having a LinkedIn profile in the modern age of job applications is like being invisible, as that’s the first place recruiters and HR managers look to research interesting applicants beyond their cover letters and resumes.

How to create your LinkedIn profile? 

Simply login and update your profile. Be sure to include all your relevant EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION, SKILLS and AWARDS if any. Make sure to also include a BIO about yourself so that there’s more to you than just your professional experience. Here’s a great article that explains what goes into making a good bio which will make a compelling first impression.

Optimise your profile to be SEO compliant. What this means is that you must use the right keywords to advertising your skills. And try to keep it updated as often as possible to achieve the 100% profile progress, because that means you have told your professional network everything they need to know.

What can you do on LinkedIn?

For want of a better description, LinkedIn is like the Facebook of professionals. Your connections can be both personal and professional, but what it needs to reflect is what is happening in your professional life.

So the updates you share are often not about what you ate for lunch or how you are feeling while watching ‘Finding Nemo’. It’s more about what’s happening in your professional career, what news excites you about the industries you are engaged with and your opinions on significant decisions or changes impacting your professional circle. It would be great if you can contribute regular articles on your LinkedIn profile as this will position you as a thought leader within your professional network.

The reality is that while LinkedIn now outdoes any job posting website out there, there are lots of creative ways you can leverage your presence on LinkedIn. Reaching out to potential customers is easier on LinkedIn than any other platform out there. Nowadays most people include their LinkedIn profiles on professional signatures, thereby encouraging associates to stay connected.

And having a large network can come be useful if you do at some point end up needing a job.

Try to be a part of groups on LinkedIn too. There are some stimulating discussions relevant to your industry on many of these groups and they can be another huge opportunity to network and create leads.

Why am I being asked to Endorse someone?

Often in LinkedIn your colleagues or professional contacts will ask you to endorse their skills. While you may wonder why you should do this, remember Social Media is a very reciprocal world. If you endorse someone it is highly likely that they will endorse you too. The same works with recommendations. These testimonials are the only way someone who is assessing your professional ability on LinkedIn will be able to gage your skills. So if you feel that the endorsement is deserved, go ahead and endorse your colleagues. But don’t do it simply to get an endorsement in return.


Above and beyond all the reasons I have mentioned here, the biggest reason you should be on LinkedIn is that the entire professional universe now uses it as a tool for validation. Having a LinkedIn account can build a sense of trust in your abilities, unlike anything else can. So to become a professional of repute and one who is respected it is imperative to be on LinkedIn. Period.

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