From Maya Asarpota:

Rema Menon is caring and she is unconventional!
Besides being non-typical with her placement approach and holistic approach to counselling, I was impressed with the shows and exhibitions she brought to town. Her outreach efforts are laudable in that she personally knows admission officers in many universities giving her firsthand knowledge and insight of how universities think and function while choosing student applications. I would totally recommend her as a placement counsellor.

From Meghna Asarpota:

When I think of Rema, I don’t think of a counsellor but rather a friend with whom I have shared my university scouting experience with.
Rema is very different in her approach of narrowing down universities as she doesn’t go by preset questions to help you figure out where to apply to, rather she would really sit down with the entire family and get to learn them and truly find the perfect fit based on any concerns the parents or students might have. Besides taking customization to a new level, she was also very understanding to the stress high school students go through at that point of time and always reminded us that it wasn’t the end of the world if something went wrong.
Besides my family, Rema was the only person who bothered to ask me how I was doing after a month or so into university which really added to whole experience of choosing her as our counsellor.
The perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness that Rema exudes so naturally is what makes her so unique and is why I would recommend her to anyone looking for help in the university scouting or application process.

From Mehul Asarpota:

Choosing Rema Menon as my counselor for getting me through the college application process was by far one of the good decisions I’ve made. Balancing final year high school classes and the meticulous application process is a lot to handle for any student. Ms. Menon was able to understand my needs and helped me prioritize and narrow down a list of the colleges that would be a good fit for me.
Once my list was determined, I was provided help at every stage – from essays for each college to submitting the applications on time. There was constant comfort in the fact that knowledge and help was available every step of the way. Needless to say my applications were appealing.
Two years into university and I can’t imagine what the process of getting into the university of my choice would’ve been like without Rema’s vast experience backing me. I strongly recommend her as a counsellor for any student wanting to study abroad.


From Adele Stevens:

Former Trade Commissioner for Education & Training
Canadian Embassy to the UAE

Rema has the amazing ability to make people feel instantly at ease, as if they’ve known her all their life. She is passionate about education, has an uncanny understanding of the needs of students and an unfailing belief in their potential.

She is knowledgeable about top-tier universities world-wide and expertly assists students to explore all options and guides them to making the best career choices. From consultation, to step-by-step management of the school admissions process, she ensures students are presented in the best possible light to achieve success.

Rema’s list of success stories are testament to the difference she has made to so many lives.


From JoBeth Brudner:

Managing Director
Linden Education Services

Linden Educational Services has worked with Rema V. Menon, director of Counselling Point, very closely in recent years in coordinating our events in Dubai. We are extremely grateful for the support and attention to detail that she provides. Her broad network of resources, local knowledge and friendly attitude make for highly organized and enjoyable events. Rema is truly a joy to work with and we look forward to our continued relationship with Counselling Point.

From Anselm Godinho:

MD, International Conferences & Exhibitions LLC

Being involved with Education Marketing, it’s important that we align ourselves with Education Service Providers who are result oriented and passionate about what they do.
We have developed an enviable working relationship with Counselling Point and Rema Menon in particular for well over 5 years. It goes without saying that everyone who has dealt with Rema draws from her positive energy and enthusiasm. Her professional role as a Career Guidance Counsellor fits her personality which is so evident when you watch her interacting with students. She has a unique ability to understand and appreciate a student’s perspective, prioritize challenges facing students and families of students and come up with workable solutions without losing sight of the long term objective.
Rema diligently manages the Gulf Education & Training Counsellors Forum which is professional networking platform for Student and Career Counsellors held as part of the GETEX offering. Her outstanding organizational skills has ensured that the event has grown consistently year on year.
Her particular strengths and skills goes beyond student counselling and can be seen in her contribution of impressive, published articles on education, education project overviews student perspectives and career transition…